my report

my report wasnt to bad i was very happy with it but im sure i could improve lots of stuff

what did i do well in? in p.e,sose and ilearn i got all highs i got a few others but these ones i was proud of

what do i need to in prove? science and math i didnt get and lows but i want to get highs in every thing

thats my report

please comment

can we trust the internet

we relie on the internet for just about every thing but are the things were reading true……..
Me and some others read a wiki post on Warrnambool college and most thing were wrong they said the colour of our clothes are orange and green they said we started this school ways before the 19s also not true so thats tells us that we can not trust the internet.

Me as an Indonesian child

Hi every one today i did indonesian and we learnt that there are names for the first second and third child I am the middle child of three so in Indonesian or I’m the made which is known as the second child so if you don’t do Indonesian go online and look up what tour called in indonesian



Bye bye

cyber safety

My class and I went on a website called cyber netrix and we talted to fake people some said they wanted to meet face to face others asked for my adress but what got me the most is when we went back to the house there was so creep in our windows it really opened my eyes to the world and i no now that things may or may not seem bad at the time but in the end bad things can happen such as them finding out were you live or trash your house or even hurt your family.

Making a buzzer game

My didnt work because i didnt have a fully charged battery and two wires were not connected right

but it was still fun here are somes changes i made

Re did the lights

changed battery

and painted it

things i could improve

find the problem and fix it

the easiest part


hardest part

connecting it all.

thanks for reading………………………………………………………………………………………

my google tips to help you

*if you were looking for _animals then type in animal

*if younwere looking for a perticular time you go to the search tool and click on what time or date you want.

*when your looking for some one in perticular you type in there names with commors around it like this “justin vincen’ and you will find the person you want.

to exclude words or itens from your search just put a line like this-so if you were looking for juila-gillard.

if you were looking for a thing on wikipeda say the brady bunch how can tell if what your reading is true well if it sounds more professional then other websites you know that what your reading is right.